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Interweaving the remembrance through the decades of hope - The Baltic Times

Posted 27/1/2017

* Interweaving the remembrance through the decades of hope - Interview to The Baltic Times on occasion of the European Premiere and Inaugural Opening of the Inna Rogatchi's SHINING SOULS. CHAMPIONS OF HUMANITY exhibition and project at The European Parliament ( January- February 2017).



Conversations with Simon Wiesenthal - Filmmaker Inna Rogatchi talks to The Jerusalem Post about her documentary based on never-before-released intimate and friendly conversations with the legendary Nazi-hunter. (October 2015)



Inna Rogatchi on a Mission - a segment of the weekly TV journal , The Schtik TV, Melbourne, Australia ( March 2015, 8 min)  - 


 * Radio interview with leading Australian Film Critic Peter Krausz for his weekly radio programme METROPOLIS, the Holocaust Film Series of the International Jewish Film Festival, Melbourne-Sydney, March 2015:

Local Copy of Peter Krausz's .mp3 file of the interview 


Inna Rogatchi's interview with presenter Mitch Byatt at the Sydney 2ser Breakfast programme, Holocaust Film Series of the Jewish International Film Festival, Sydney, Australia, March 2015


Radio Interview with Greg King at the Holocaust Film Series (International Jewish Film Festival), Melbourne, Australia, March 2015:


Alfa Studio Special Programme Inna Rogatchi on her film The Lessons of Survival and Simon Wiesenthal (AlfaTV Finland, September 2014, 45 min)  -